Mike is a self taught craftsman who generally uses American
hardwoods to create traditional and modern custom furniture.
For over twenty years he has used conventional methods
using both power and hand tools to create his pieces. He
generally uses power tools to mill the wood out then switches
over to hand tools to finalize the process. His most important
hand tool is the plane. A tool in which gives the ultimate
smooth finish and can nearly eliminate all sanding. The blade
sheers ultra thin shavings from the wood, cutting the wood
fibers clean instead of being crushed by the abrasives of
sand paper. This in turn will allow the fibers of the wood to
remain open soaking in the oil and producing a finer finish.
Mike Flaim was born in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1973, the
youngest of three boys, but has lived most of his life in
Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from The University of
Cincinnati with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing in 1996. After
graduating, he spent ten years as a sales rep for a couple of
different companies in the building industry.
Along with woodworking, Mike is an avid antique tool collector.
However he likes to put his old tools to use instead of letting
them sit on a shelf and collect dust. He currently uses nearly
300 antique tools in his shop. To Mike, using old tools is like
shaking hands with his woodworking ancestors, feeling the
same way about the craft the way they did nearly a hundred
years before.

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