Woodsmith Survey

I received this email from Woodsmith Magazine today. They asked me to take a short survey, which being a Marketing major I usually oblige because I know that knowing the needs of your target audience can be helpful in understanding your customer base. I didn’t read the email close enough so, I figured the survey would mainly be about what kind of tools I own and what I plan to buy in the next year. Typical woodworking stuff.

So, I click on the link and it sent me to a third party website. It starts off with the usual questions of what’s your age, sex, nationality, etc. Then the next section is about what kind of car you drive and whether you plan on buying a new car in the future. I thought it was a little strange questioning, but I answered figuring it’s not a big deal telling them I drive a Ford Ranger.

But then, the next section starts asking me questions about my financial stability, how much money I had in the bank, and whether I own my own home. I quickly answered “None of your Business” and went onto the next section.

By this time, I was half way through the questioniare when it asked me about my health status and what types of medications I take. There wasn’t even an option not to answer and move forward. That’s when I got pissed off and left the survey.

Why the hell does Active Interest Media want to know about my financial status and my personal health? And why the hell would I tell them what type of medications I’m taking? My employer doesn’t even know what medications I take. How is knowing any of this going to sell more magazines? My guess is that they are planning on having more advertising in their pages in the coming issues and want to know what companies they should try to persuade to advertise in Woodsmith.

My privacy is important to me. I’m sure as hell not going tell you my personal information for a chance to win a $100. Hell, you couldn’t pay me a $100 to devolve that kind of information. I guarentee whomever fills out this survey will be bombarded by spam emails, texts and phone calls from various companies as their personal information will be bought and sold over the open market. What a joke.

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