9 thoughts on “Website

  1. Glenn Wishart

    I discovered you late last night. I love your site. I am an IA Major from San Diego State class of 1974 In reading your blog we have much in common. My wife is from Smithville OH. Hope to make it back there next year. In the mean time I will pray for you …..Thx Glenn

  2. Hey Mike, Love your site and even more I love your tools. I have been driving a well used pu truck for 2 years now. My chevy Silverado blew the tranny, I didn’t wan’t to spend any cash on it so I traded it in on a car for my wife, a new kia optima. Then I found on craigslist a 95 dodge Dakota w 150k miles it runs great looks ok. I’m trading a painter for my carp skills for a paint job. I’m telling you all this for a reason. Get on the c list and spell out exactly want you can do in trade. You wont get a new truck but you will be surprised at what others want to trade, an older truck that suits you. YOU have agreat situation because you are very,very good at what you create. Quit selling yourself short and don’t think there isn’t someone out there who has a truck they don’t need but perhaps they need a beauteeeful piece custom by you. So what if it takes 3 months to complete. Go get that truck!!!!! regards, Glenn

    1. You sound like my wife. Haha Thanks for the kind words Glenn! Sometimes I’m my biggest critic. I need to start building inventory and listing it on Etsy, but I work full time and all these tools I need to clean as well as helping my wife with her business, takes up nearly all of my spare time.

  3. david

    hi Miku.Tak I accidentally discovered your web site and my heart plesa those wonderful tools pleasure to watch, even pity that we do not have such similar bazaars and Exhibitions or meeting where you can buy planes .Jsem ie the Czech Republic. Central Europe, oh no ja the vas Earl of sVIM 170 planes

  4. Terry

    Enjoyed looking thru your website. I thought I would check with you to see if you might have a Miller Falls No 67 for sale.

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