David Marks on Rough Cuts

Watching TV this morning I ran across a Rough Cuts episode that featured David Marks. He was showing Tommy Mac how to make one his famous turned vessels with an applied chemical patina. I’ve been a big fan of David Marks ever since I first saw him on his TV show Woodworks which was on HGTV and DIY Network many years ago. In fact, it was the main reason I ordered cable when I first moved into my house. I watched  his show religiously for about six years until HGTV and DIY pulled his show off the air by not renewing another season. I always thought that if Woodworks was on PBS, it would probably be still on the air today.

Woodworks was an awesome woodworking show where David made some awe inspiring modern looking furniture. David did a lot with bent wood lamination which helped me figure out how to build the back on my Windsor chairs since I had no access to fresh green lumber and a wood steamer. One episode David showed how to make your own plywood which motivated me to buy a vacuum press. It seemed that there was nothing that he couldn’t make. While he did have some nice tools, it seemed that everything he made was within a modest woodworkers budget. However, I still long to own one his Multi-Routers.

When I saw David today, it made me wish he still has his TV show. Maybe some PBS station out in California where David is from will offer him his own show again. Lord knows we could use another one. You can watch the episode of David on Rough Cut here.


At one time you could watch old episodes of Woodworks online for free, but I haven’t been able to find the link. However, you can buy an entire season of his episodes on his website. If you’ve never heard of David Marks, or seen his work, I highly recommend you check him out.


2 thoughts on “David Marks on Rough Cuts

  1. Shel Sanders

    No question about it, David is a master of modern style furniture and exotic techniques. I watched many episodes, but not as many as you it appears. As for the end of his series, I read at the time that he made the decision to do that.


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