LED Shop Lighting

My wife and I were shopping at Costco this afternoon when we ran across these LED shop light bulbs. On the box it said that all that was needed is to simply replace these bulbs with your current shop bulbs. I was intrigued because I always thought you would have to replace the baluster as well, not just the bulb when switching over to LED lighting.

 photo light 006.jpg

The energy savings using LED over fluorescent is incredible along with the fact that LED light bulbs last a long time. The box said they’ll last 45 years and use 47% less energy.

 photo light 004.jpg

I stuck them up, and sure enough they worked. Not only did they work, they lit up my workbench like I have never seen before. The difference between these LED bulbs and regular fluorescent is like night and day. It was like direct sunlight was lighting my bench.

 photo light 003.jpg

It’s really tough to show you how much brighter these bulbs are in a photo so I took a shot of a molding plane under my fluorescent bulbs and then another under these LED bulbs.

 photo light 001.jpg

You can see how much lighter and crisper the plane’s body is in the photo here. I can’t wait to see how the pictures of my tools I list on eBay will look under these bulbs. It should help my customers see better details of the tools I sell. Now I’ll have to go back to Costco and pick up seven more boxes to replace the rest of my shop lights. At $37.00 a box, these things aren’t cheap, but they should help me save money on my electric bill.

I thought these were expensive until I saw them on Amazon for $61.00 a pack. http://www.amazon.com/Feit-Electric-LED-Tubes-Fluorescent/dp/B00TSQVEWA/ref=sr_1_5?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1446497898&sr=1-5&keywords=led+shop+lighting+feit

 photo light 002.jpg

5 thoughts on “LED Shop Lighting

  1. TobyC

    I heard that some of those were recalled because they were starting fires. You may want to check google to make sure your’s are OK. Don’t want ya to catch on fire!!!


    1. Thanks I’ll look into it. These bulbs are new to Costco and I would hope they would do their homework before they would allow a manufacturer to sell their stuff in their store. I have a hard time believing that Costco would allow dangerous merchandise sold at their stores, but I could be wrong.


  2. Steve D

    I just looked into this and had some issues. First, I had T12 fixtures which have bulbs that are 1-1/4″ dia (12/8th). The replacement I bought was for T8 (8/8 or 1″) and they require a ballast. The philips bulb I bought was only compatible with particular ballasts that were more likely to be in expensive fixtures and not the cheapo shop lights.

    The issue is that the tube can last 40 years but the ballast won’t . You will have to maintain the ballast over time or toss the whole assembly.

    I ended up buying light assemblies that are meant for display cases. They are pretty cheap and you get what you pay for but the fixture is less money than you were paying for the tubes. They did not publish my review that was partly critical so I will pass on plugging their website.

    I am an advocate for led’s because they eliminate the mercury hazard from my shop.

    glad this is working for you. try the home depot $10 philips tubes. they took mine back when they didn’t work with my fixtures.


    1. Yeah I thought that I would have to replace the ballast before the bulbs would go bad. But, I may not even live in the house by the time the ballast go bad, so it may be someone else’s problem by then. So far, I’m loving the light they are producing. : )


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