The Travesty

It’s sad to see such a fine saw in this condition. Maybe I should rescue it.


It’s been like this for over 30 years.

Alright, let’s play a game. If five people tell me to buy the saw, i’ll go back and get it. I already have two thumbs up from here and Facebook. I just need three more people.

UPDATE: I went back today and the saw was gone. Somebody either got a nice saw for a reasonable price, or they got something to hang over their fireplace. Haha.

15 thoughts on “The Travesty

  1. Randy

    I always look at saw paintings as someone applying a rust preservative to save it for another generation, or at least until I come along. The best use for some saws is as a base for painting. This one cries out to be restored and used.

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  2. Chris

    Do it!

    Sway back, thumbhole Disston’s are great!

    Looks like there is lots of depth left on the plate, and the teeth don’t even look half bad. It would be great to bring it back to life.



  3. Gregory Potts

    Little late to the party I know but I bought one of these the other day on the local internet swap shop. It is a very nice old Atkins but I was just going to hang it in my shop until I got ready to put it back to use. Well the picture looked good on the internet but isn’t. Rust has permeated the entire painting making it useless as a decoration. So I thought great, I’ll just strip it down and use the thing like I intended but here is the rub. It wasn’t preserved with lacquer or shellac as it should have been but has a coating of epoxy. I have no idea how to get this off this saw. Any suggestions?


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