10 Signs You Might be a Woodworking Snob

10. When your friend tells you about his awesome CNC machine, you walk away.

9. You think all the employees at Woodcraft are idiots.

8. You use liquid hide glue on everything.

7. You claim to be a hand tool only purist, yet you stream all your favorite TV shows on Netflix.

6. You think using Kreg pocket screws are beneath you.

5. You use the word “bespoke” because “custom” is too pedestrian.

4. You haven’t been inspired by an article in a woodworking magazine since 1996.

3. Your workbench is nicer than your dining room table.

2. You think smelling like walnut sawdust is a good thing.

1. You own every title from Lost Art Press even though you have no idea where Estonia is.


Happy Easter.


4 thoughts on “10 Signs You Might be a Woodworking Snob

  1. 10. Heck, I’m thinking about getting a 3D printer myself
    9. Not idiots, but often less knowledgeable than I am
    8. Not *everything*, but a lot, and I have a shelf full of different adhesives for specific purposes
    7. Pigtailed apprentices make solitary work possible
    6. Too cheap to get one, but probably should
    5. Apparently I do not know the meaning of “bespoke”
    4. I’m inspired by every WW magazine I read, even if only a teensy bit
    3. Certainly heavier, but not nicer
    2. Substitute “any wood” for “walnut”
    1. I’ve been to Estonia
    Whew, I am happy to learn that I am not a woodworking snob! But had you said “wood finishing snob” the answer might be more nuanced.


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