Empire Dresser

The Empire dresser is officially done. My wife Anita found some nice oil rubbed bronze drawer pulls on the internet after looking locally for some with no luck. It originally had glass knobs on it, but a few of them were in rough shape and not all of them matched. I think the drawer pulls she picked out look really nice and add to the character of the piece. She applied four to five coats of hemp oil to the dresser. It gives it a warm aged look without making it look too glossy.

I put a few hours in this as well. I had to strip all the old stain off, patch a veneer job, re-band all the drawer fronts with sapele, replace a brass key escutcheon, and reinforce some of the drawer bottoms with pieces of poplar.

She plans on selling this in her booth with her painted furniture and antiques this Saturday at a local street fair in Milford, OH called the Longstone Festival. She was lucky enough to get a booth as there is usually a waiting list every year. Hopefully it will sell there. I will let you know if it does. http://www.longstonestreetfestival.com/

6 thoughts on “Empire Dresser

    1. Hemp oil is all natural with no VOC’s that cleans up with soap and water. It also has very little odor which is a huge plus for my wife as tung oil or any other varnish will usually give her a headache. Hemp oil has the same characteristics as tung oil and is considered a drying oil with a polymeric film when cured however, it won’t spontaneously combust like tung oil.

      Hemp oil is also very durable and can be used for protecting decks yet, it’s environmentally friendly that can be used for butcher blocks. You can even use it on your skin as a moisturizer.

      I found a gallon of it online for $40 but shipping from Canada is $30.00. It’s hard to buy it in the US because people flip out since it’s made from the cannabis plant.

      I love it, my wife loves it and neither one of us even smokes pot. ; )


  1. Alice Van Doran

    Hi! I’m interested in finding Hemp OIl for my antique furniture. Would you give me the name of the one you used? If you have the website that would be great!

    Thank you so much!

    alice Van Doran


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