Building the Shed Part II

It’s been months since I updated about the shed I’ve been building. I originally broke ground on it back in September. I hadn’t done anything on it for weeks because my wife and I didn’t want the floor of the shed to be plywood. While looking at sheds that Weaver Barns make, we saw that they used a 2 x 8 tongue and groove pressure treated lumber flooring. We both loved it, so we searched around to see who carried it.

 photo 20151019_092930.jpg

I have a friend who works for Universal Forest Products (UFP), so I asked him if he knew anything about it. He told me it’s called V Groove Decking, and that he could get it for me since Lowe’s nor Home Depot carried it in stock. Well, after waiting a couple of weeks, I knew that was a dead end. Anita found that Menard’s carried it in stock, but the boards were 20 feet long and about $30 a board. We really didn’t feel like driving 20 miles to Menard’s to pick them up so I went to Home Depot down the street and asked how much it would be to special order from them. The price was a lot cheaper, but it would take three weeks to get them delivered to the store. I wasn’t in a real rush so I went ahead and ordered them.

 photo 20151220_131443.jpg

Well, three weeks turned into six as I found out that UFP doesn’t manufacture the boards, only treats them. They were waiting for the manufacture to make the boards which caused the delay. What really sucked was that Cincinnati had mild weather during that time and there were many weekends where the temperature rose to 70 degrees. All I could do was stand in my dining room looking back at the frame wishing my boards were in.

 photo 20151220_140423.jpg

I finally got the board in early December, dragged them out to the base and laid them out to see how much overhang I had on each side. Luckily I ordered the right amount of boards as I had only a couple of inches overhand on each side.The boards were 16 feet long so I had a foot of overhang on each of the long sides.

 photo 20151220_140638.jpg

The best part was that the floor was completely level on all four sides with the floor laid down.

 photo 20151220_143536.jpg

I took my time and went through the boards to find the straightest board and screwed them to the base crown up so that they were as straight as possible. I screwed three screws per joist which totaled over 600 screws used to attach all the deck boards.

 photo 20151220_155956.jpg

The last boards were the most warped so I grabbed a couple of 6 foot long pipe clamps and squeezed the boards to the rest of the decking and screwed them down.

 photo 20151224_133134.jpg

Once all the boards were attached, I trimmed off the excess with a circular saw and flush cut them with a router bit. Thankfully Christmas Eve was warm as I was working on the shed in only a t-shirt.

 photo 20151224_140230.jpg

Hopefully we’ll have a mild winter as the next part is to start framing the walls. I work outside during the winter building displays for my day job, so as long as the temperature is over freezing, I’ll be fine. I just doubt I’ll be able to get any of my friends to help me.

5 thoughts on “Building the Shed Part II

  1. Delays are frustratingly no fun at all. I’m glad it worked out though. Question for you. We’ve recently built a garage/shed at our place. We’ve got a concrete slab for the floor. I’m going to have a work shop in there, and want something other than concrete to stand on. Wood would be most preferred for appearance sake. That said, I will be price-sensitive. There’s lot’s of other good things to spend money on besides this. The cheapest method that will work will likely be my choice. I don’t have a background in carpentry, and I’m not familiar with how these things are commonly done. Would you have recommendations? Or, would you be able to point me in a direction where I could educate myself?

    If not I understand – just figured it didn’t hurt to ask. Congrats on getting some progress behind you!


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