Building a Shed Part V

After building my scaffolding off the front of the shed, I went back to applying the roof tarp. This time it went much easier. I bought a slap hammer and slapped staples all over the place once I hammered down some button caps at the top and bottom of the roll.

 photo 20160614_120715.jpg

Once the one side of the shed was tarped, I moved the scaffolding over to the other side. It took me all day to get the shed tarped, but I did it safely which is all that matters.

 photo 20160614_150054.jpg

I went to Home Depot and bought seven packs of dimensional shingles and one pack of old style flat shingles. I used the flat shingles and laid the first row upside down and also up both sides of the roof with a 1/2″ hanging off the edge. I started on the back side of the shed because that is where the scaffolding was at the time, plus the fact that if I screwed up, it would be on the back.

 photo 20160618_103128.jpg

Laying the shingles was pretty straight forward. I started at the bottom laying over my upside down course. I hammered four 1 1/4″ roofing nails in each shingle making sure my shingles were staggered so that the seams of the second level didn’t run in line with the seam of the first.

 photo 20160618_112026.jpg

Every  few rows I would snap a chalk line to make sure my shingles were running straight.

 photo 20160618_115551.jpg

It took all day, but I finished shingling the roof. All I needed to do was the ridge vent.

 photo 20160618_164937.jpg

By this time I was so tired, I stayed focused on getting the job done and didn’t bother going inside, grabbing my cell phone to snap some pictures of laying the ridge vent. I finished up the roof by cutting through the top of the shingles with a utility knife, laying down the ridge vent, and shingling over top of it.

 photo 20160618_195419.jpg

This is the ridge vent from inside the shed. This will allow all the hot air inside the shed to  escape.

 photo 20160620_093155.jpg

The final shingle on the ridge vent was hammered down with 2″ roof nails and covered with roof cement.

 photo 20160629_180140.jpg

The next day, I went up the ladder to cut off the excess roofing shingles on the right side of the shed with my utility knife. Because I laid down my starter course first with the ordinary flat shingles that over hung 1/2″, it was easy to trim up the dimensional shingles flush to them.

 photo 20160619_092215.jpg

It’s all fun and games until the roof leaks. A few days later it started to rain. I went out to see how everything was holding up. Thankfully, there were no leaks and the water shed from the roof quite nice.

 photo 20160622_095833.jpg

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