Langdon Mitre Box Cleaned Up

Over the past couple of months I’ve been going gangbusters cleaning all my old tools I bought during the fall. So much so, that I haven’t really done any woodworking to even blog about. So, I figured I’d show you the massive Langdon Mitre Box that I bough this summer now that it’s all cleaned up. I took a few pictures and shot a video to give a better idea of the miter box’s massive size.

 photo ebay017.jpg

 photo ebay018.jpg

 photo ebay019.jpg

 photo ebay020.jpg

 photo ebay022.jpg

 photo ebay023.jpg

As you can see in the pictures below, the miter box was repaired at some point in it’s life. I don’t think it ruins the value of the box too much as I bet that I could buy a regular sized Langdon Mitre Box and use the parts to swap the foot and locking bar.

 photo ebay024.jpg

 photo ebay025.jpg

Now I’m not sure what I should do with it. On one hand, I think the miter box is really cool and I’ll probably never find another one as long as I live. But on the other hand, I bet I could sell this thing for a pretty penny and pay off some of my credit card bills. I also really have nowhere to store the thing. I really don’t want to sit it in my shop as I’m afraid it’ll get damaged from all the banging and clanging that goes on down there. But, I doubt my wife would approve of it sitting proudly on our mantel in the living room. So, for right now it’s sitting on the shelf with all the other antique tools that I’ll eventually sell on eBay. What do you think I should do with it?

12 thoughts on “Langdon Mitre Box Cleaned Up

  1. Keep or toss. I ask that myself more and more. I’m tending towards finding good homes for the tools I don’t use. With limited space and a constant battle to maintain tools that sit idle I move them along.


  2. A, W. Baker

    I would sell it. I have collected too many things that I thought were neat to have, but are of no real use to me. After a while it just becomes clutter.


    1. Wow what an incredible score! The best miter boxes I’ve ever restored are those of Millers Falls/Langdon Miter Boxes (Langdon eventually was bought by Millers Falls). However, personally I have always trimmed up my miters after cutting them on a miter box with my Lion miter trimmer. The thing is fantastic and leaves a glass smooth surface that is incredibly accurate.


  3. A, W. Baker

    They do work very well. Years ago, before I had any power tools I used one a lot, and it did a good job. I don’t remember the brand, but I think was craftsman.


    1. Thanks. I just used 220 grit wet and dry sandpaper and sprayed WD40 on the blade. After 220, I used a variety of sanding sponges. I didn’t remove the handle from the saw because of the saw nuts. I’ve taken them off on other saws in the past, but I could never put them back on right to make them look good. The handle I just used 0000 steel wool to get the grub and dirt off. I coated the whole saw and box with my concoction of mineral oi/orange oil/ beeswax mixture.


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