Nicest Compliment I ever Received

Last week I received a message in my Instagram messaging page. I’m small potatoes on Instagram as I only have a few thousand followers, so I don’t get many messages. The ones I do get, the majority of them are some sort of spam bullshit trying to hack my account, so I usually don’t pay much attention to them.

However this time, the message was from one of my followers. Johnson21800 sent me a couple of pictures of his Great Grandad’s Stanley No 32 Jointer Plane. He said he was so inspired by my posts on restoring tools, he decided to restore his Great Grandad’s plane.

Here’s the plane all cleaned up and restored. I think Peter does a better job than I do!

The fact that Peter would send me pictures of his plane that he restored after watching my feed humbles me. It makes feel good inside that I inspire people to restore and use these old tools that just sit around collecting dust. It’s pretty much the reason I post so many antique tools on Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Nicest Compliment I ever Received

  1. Jack Wigginton

    Mr Flaim, I feel like today is one of my most welcomed days. I just happened to find your Quercus Mag article. It made my week. I retired from the US Army in 1994 and got involved in wood working won’t go into all of that and have been somewhat successful. (Won’t get into that at this time but I have been featured in Fine Woodworking Mag). I live in the Louisville, KY area and would love to come to Cinncy and have lunch with you.


    1. Jack Wigginton

      i get confused with the computer and do not know what to do. i thought i sent a reply yesterday. just let me know whenyou are available for lunch in Louisville and i will meet you.


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